All politics are local, and while it is important to focus on statewide issues, that focus cannot come at the expense of the needs of District 89. For example, many traffic issues in St. Tammany can only be fixed by state investments in our infrastructure, like the hundreds of millions of dollars secured by Chairman Patrick McMath, Chairman Mark Wright, and our legislative delegation. It takes leadership in Baton Rouge to bring our tax dollars home.

This is why it will be critical for any new member of the legislature to be ready to work on day one with our next Republican Governor to address these top six issues immediately – while simultaneously managing all the traditional state government priorities.

Crime and Public Safety

Our cities across the state are currently on fire with crime, which hurts families and cripples the local economy. Crime in New Orleans impacts the Northshore but also breaks the state’s bottom line through its impact on our tourism industry. I will fight back against anti-police rhetoric and work to prioritize additional resources for both state and local law enforcement.

Education and Opportunity

Did you know half of Louisiana third graders cannot read at grade level? When kids struggle to read, they struggle to learn. Students who were already struggling academically have now fallen even further behind due to the disruption in their education caused by the pandemic closures. Many children have lost access to vital resources like after-school programs, tutoring services, and social support that help keep them engaged and on the right path. Louisiana children deserve an opportunity to learn; no child should be trapped in a failing school. This is a complex issue with several competing interests and proposed solutions. However, as the Education Committee Chairman for LABI (the state’s chamber of commerce), I am uniquely qualified to lead on this issue from day one.

Insurance Crisis

The current insurance crisis in Louisiana is a state issue that is disproportionately impacting the voters of District 89. It is unacceptable that seniors on a fixed income are forced to sell their lifelong homes because of outrageous insurance premium spikes after many companies stopped writing policies in the state. Most companies that remain refuse to insure those who need it most. We must make our insurance market more competitive to drive costs down, but we must also hold insurance companies accountable to Louisiana homeowners.

Tax Reform

I appreciate the leadership of our own Rep. Richard Nelson for leading on this issue in Baton Rouge. For years, Rep. Nelson has spearheaded the debate to reform our convoluted tax code to align us with our neighboring states so that our businesses can compete and our friends and families can stop moving away for better opportunities. If this year’s effort falls short, I will be ready to work with our new Republican Governor to finish what Rep. Nelson started.

Stopping Outmigration

Louisiana is underperforming – losing people and losing jobs. This means parents and grandparents are forced to watch their children and grandchildren grow up on social media when their families leave for better opportunities. But this also means we are a shrinking market in Louisiana – which exacerbates the insurance crisis mentioned above while making tax reform and state budgeting more difficult. If we don’t turn the tide soon, Louisiana will lose another seat in Congress after the next census, which is a big reason that every policy debate in Baton Rouge should be viewed through the lens of our outmigration problem.


As a long-time Pro-Life activist, the recent Supreme Court decision is a milestone in our efforts to protect the unborn. I’m thrilled to see decision-making on this difficult issue move closer to the people – and our states. My views have long been guided by my faith and the empathy I share toward those in need. That’s why I believe our real aspirations should live beyond court rulings. Pro-life isn’t just an opinion on abortion—it’s a compassionate call to action that should also help vulnerable mothers and children and advocate for foster & adoption reform and safety net programs that work. Those are solutions and support that I have dedicated my life towards improving. Our pro-life movement should be about grace, love, and compassion in action. As we look ahead, I’m eager to see our pro-life community continue to embody these values, rallying together to face societal challenges and strengthening our commitment to life. Our dedication can and will make a significant difference.