Republican Business Leader Kim Carver Launches Campaign for LA House District 89

April 6, 2023

Mandeville, LA — Republican business leader Kim Carver officially launched his campaign for  Louisiana House District 89. Carver is a pro-life, pro-family conservative with decades of  experience working with companies and community organizations of all sizes across Louisiana.  

Carver’s campaign is off to an impressive start. His supporters, friends, and neighbors have  already contributed over $125,000 in three weeks, allowing the Carver campaign to launch its  first digital video ad today. 

At the official campaign launch event in Mandeville, Carver addressed a crowd of 165 friends  and neighbors who gathered to show their support. 

“St. Tammany has the best that Louisiana has to offer, but we can’t stay afloat if the rest of our  state keeps sinking – it’s time to protect our quality of life for the next generation,” explained  Carver. “The families of District 89 deserve someone that can go to work on day one with the  knowledge and the know-how to get results for the people that work and live here.” 

Carver understands the real-world impacts of governmental failures. 

“When our government fails, everyone hurts,” explained Carver. “Every minute wasted in traffic  costs our businesses money and steals time from parents and grandparents who could be with  their family,” added Carver. “On top of it all, we have an insurance crisis that is making living  here unaffordable for most and impossible for many.” 

But Carver knows that with the right leadership, Louisiana can course correct. An engineer, he is  trained to solve problems, and with over a decade of real-world experience as a bank executive,  Carver knows how business works. As the Education & Workforce Chairman for the Louisiana  Association of Business & Industry and the Northshore Business Council – Carver spearheaded  efforts to pass the most sweeping education reform legislation in state history. 

“We can write a new chapter in Louisiana’s future, one that is brighter and makes Baton Rouge  accountable to the people paying for it,” said Carver. “Apathy and inaction are contagious, but  so are hope, faith, and love. I’m running for State Representative because we have to take  action, and we have to care.” 

Carver lives in Mandeville with his wife Kristyn and their three amazing daughters, Ellie,  Caroline, and Suzie. The Carver Family attends First Baptist Church in Covington, where Kim  serves as a deacon and teaches Sunday School for the 7th-grade boys. 

As a foster care and adoption advocate, Carver spent years working the halls of the Capitol to  improve outcomes for kids and families on the underside of power. He was recently named a  2023 Champion for Children by Hope House and honored as the 2022 Alumnus of the Year for  Leadership St. Tammany for this work. 

If elected, Carver will continue to champion foster care and adoption issues while fighting to  prioritize additional funding for law enforcement and local infrastructure (without raising taxes). 

For more information or to join the campaign team, please visit